Mar 30

My Favourite Trip in Colombia: 5 People From Around the World Share Their Stories

Today is a monumental day. Is it the constant sheets of rain that cascade down my window in Bogotá? No, that’s no it. Is it that today I’m going to Estereo Picnic? That’s cool, but no, that’s not it either. It’s not even that today marks the start of the Semana Santa festivities.

Today, we reached 1,000 likes on our See Colombia Travel Facebook. That’s why we’re celebrating. Of course, none of this would be possible without the nebulous, numerous congregation of people that love Colombia every bit as much as we do.

In honour of that sentiment, we present to you a group of travellers and expats from all over the world that have visited the country, loved it, and want to tell you more about their favourite trip in Colombia.

Jack Ruane, UK
Jack works with Fundación Tiempo de Juego

Indiana J... Jack
Indiana J… Jack

My favourite trip in Colombia so far was the Ciudad Perdida. When you come from a big, cold European city one of the motivations in going travelling is that you will be able to live out your Indiana Jones fantasies; trekking through rainforest, seeing dangerous snakes and spiders, discovering ancient ruins. While paying for an organized tour with guides, good food and comfortable accommodation may not exactly be Indiana Jones it was close enough for me! Trekking through the forest and exploring a completely alien terrain, finding waterfalls and rivers of crystal clear water and a feeling of satisfaction and exhaustion on arrival at the breathtaking site were my highlights.

Florian Flierenbaum, Germany
Florian is studying in London

Florian at the Lost City
Florian at the Lost City

My favorite trip in Colombia was near Santa Marta. I participated in an organised tour to Ciudad Perdida. The whole trip took 5 days and was a beautiful experience, although it was sometimes quite challenging to climb some rocks at 35° C. I felt like an adventurer. It was lovely to see nature in its primal state and to experience the culture of the indigenous community. One day, it rained so much that everybody got very incredibly soaked. First, it was a little bit wierd, but later it was fun for all. But be careful, I think that everybody slipped at least once.

Hannah Wallace, US
Hannah is teaching in the UK

Flic in Bogotá
Hannah in Bogotá

My favourite trip has to be Bogotá. Although I was based there so I’m not sure it counts as a trip, I still took away from Colombia’s capital more than anywhere else I went. I think it’s because I got to know the culture better, I met more people, I got beyond the ‘a la orden’ level of conversation, and found out what makes the people of the city, and the city itself, tick. Bogotá is a fascinating city, full of culture, color and life. Don’t let the weather put you off, if you miss it out of your itinerary you’ll regret it.

Jairo Galvis, Colombia
Jairo is a trekking guide in Colombia

Jairo in the face of nature
Jairo in the face of nature

Between the Colombian Amazonas and Vaupés runs the river Apaporis. On its banks live the communities of the Yukuna family, who live alongside the mythic and beautiful river that seems to be broken in two by the jungle, forming the stream of Jirijirimo.

To visit this place in the middle of the jungle is a truly great adventure. The traveler needs to fly in a WWII plane, which flies for hours, navigating between small stops with its modest motors.

The immensity of the jungle along with the force of the river to make the stream of Jirijirimo makes it one of the most beautiful places in Colombia.

Lachlan Page, Australia
Lachy is teaching English in Bogotá

Lachy's shot of Cartagena
Lachy’s shot of Cartagena

It’s hard to pick a favourite. Colombia is one of the most diverse countries I’ve been to, and now I’ve lived here over a year I’ve seen so much. If you’re pushing me [and I am pushing him – Paul], then I’d have to go with my Cartagena trip. It’s just such a relaxing, beautiful city that oozes history on every corner. Even if it weren’t for the great weather and food, it’d still be an essential visit for the culture, the architecture and people. It might not be the city with the most depth in Colombia, but it’s a great introduction to everything that makes Colombia unique.


5 thoughts on “My Favourite Trip in Colombia: 5 People From Around the World Share Their Stories

  1. Jamie Stambaugh on

    Love this site and have used so much of your information- thanks!
    Our favorite trip, so far, is the stay we’ve had in Taganga. We take our boys (ages 5 and 6) to the beach every day, we love the culture, the people, the vistas, the laid back pace… everything. We planned at first on staying for one week and are now almost 3 in!


      Paul on

      Thanks for the comment, and glad to hear you’re enjoying your trip! Keep glued to the site and keep searching around because there’s a lot of tips to be found…

  2. Valentina on

    Loving Jairo´s picture


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