In this post, I’m going to come out with an outrageous claim. The Colombian department, Boyaca, is not the Colombian capital city, Bogota. OK OK, guys, calm down. Let me just explain a moment. I know this is a pretty crazy statement to just come out and say, but I do have my reasons. Although, as we […]

  I like to think I´m a big fan of cartoons of all persuasions because of the deep philosophical implications of their themes and the surprising manner in which they delve into the contemporary weltanschauung.   It´s not because I´ve never grown up, and have nothing better to do with my time than to stick my […]

Ah, the sweet glory of a “puente” (long weekend). In Colombia there are far more than we get back in Europe, the States or in Australia, and at certain times of the year it can feel like you’re on full-time vacation. Luckily for those of us living in Colombia, the major cities have a wealth […]

No, it’s not something rude to do with Santa Claus. In a country where you’ll see taxi-drivers; ladies dolled up in high heels; and muscle-bound men in singlet-tops crossing themselves repetitively and fervently when they pass under the shadow of one of Colombia’s countless churches, it’s little suprise that the week leading up to Easter […]