Colombia is not just a country of pristine beaches, whitewashed Andean towns, deep jungles and soaring mountains…I mean, it is all of those things, but there is so much more to the country than just it’s natural spectacles. Probably my favorite element of living in Colombia is the music that seems to ooze (finally, […]

  Being the social lubricant it has been for millenia, the communal imbibing of spirituous beverages can often be an effective way to make your first wavering steps into a new culture. Not only can a couple of responsible drinks let down your self-conscious barriers a little so that you feel more comfortable around new […]

By now, if you’ve been following us, you must realise the enigma that is Colombia’s indisputable Number One Liquor leaves us with ambiguous feelings, to say the very least. Let’s leave the fire-water conundrum alone for a while, and have a look at some other home-grown drinks you may have the fortune – good or […]