Colombia es chevere

All countries, and even most regions, have their own unique brand of slang. Slang not only colours a language, but also contains something of a regional identity; these deviations from language can set you apart from other places and strengthen your feeling of belonging to a place. They can also just be plain old fun, […]

Viejos hablando en jerga colombiana

Hola a todos, Ya hemos hablado en nuestro Blog otras veces como el español de Colombia nos parece el que mejor se habla y pronuncia en nuestro Continente. Como el único latino-no-Colombiano de este equipo y después de haber vivido  varios países de América Latina yo creo a pies juntillas que es definitivamente así; Colombia […]

It seems that every day now I get an email from someone wondering about what it’s like to live in Colombia. I even had several people ask me when I went back to the UK recently. And they weren’t just casually inquiring. These are all people that are genuinely interested in moving to Colombia. This, […]

So today marks the birthday of The Big Man, our marketing and communications genius, Jose Luis Pastor. Most of us gave up something when we came to Colombia, but in search of his dream JL gave up a little more than most. You can read all about that here in this post: Why Did I […]