visit Paloquemao market bogota

  Colombia isn’t really famous for it’s food and drink around the world: the true ‘foodie paradise’ destination tags go to South-East Asian countries, Mediterranean destinations, and Latin American countries like Peru and Mexico. When people think of ‘foodie travel’ Colombia is rarely on the tip of their tongues. This is partly fair and partly […]

Usaquen Bogota

  Bogota is a great city for tourists; filled with world-class museums, classic colonial architecture, creative and unusual tours, and surrounded by amazing hiking and climbing, Colombia’s capital is a great place to spend a few days on your visit to the country. It’s also the place to be on a Sunday, when the city’s […]

Ana Maria Flor Amazona Pineapples

  Ana Maria Sarmiento was born in Colombia, and splits her time between Europe, Asia and Latin America. She is also the founder and head designer of Flor Amazona, a new jewellery brand that takes its inspiration from traditional Colombian styles and patterns, and gives them a contemporary twist. She travelled to Colombia with well-known […]

Guitar factory, Marinilla, Antioquia

When you think about Colombian handicrafts, what is the first picture that comes to mind? Colourful bracelets and bags? The sombrero volteao? Coconut crafts from Chocó or traditional wayuu knitted products in La Guajira? Emeralds in Bogotá or gold from Mompox? Basketry or the classic ruana from Boyacá? Or maybe mini figurines, much like our […]

  The beaches may be crazy, but what Colombia´s major cities seem to be crazy about is their malls. Even though these centres of commerce are rather liberally dispersed throughout each metropolis and reach frankly titanic proportions, you´ll still find them absolutely choc-a-bloc any given Saturday. Their crisp white interiors generate an air-conditioned atmosphere of […]