graffiti getsemani cartagena

  Getsemaní used to be known for very different things: this burgeoning Cartagena neighborhood of music, street-art, food and tourism was once a no-go area, famous for drugs and crime; far from the cultural epicenter of Cartagena that it now represents. With featured pieces about the area on Forbes and the NY Times (among many […]

15 Books You Should Read Before Visiting Colombia

  A few years ago we published a list of recommended books to read before visiting Colombia: this list contained such titles as 100 Years of Solitude, La voragine, and Maria. It’s still a very relevant selection of excellent novels and non-fiction books to give any reader a good overview of Colombian, it’s history and culture. However, […]

Teatro Colon Bogota

  The Teatro de Cristóbal Colón, in Bogota’s La Candelaria neighborhood, is finally reopening it’s (frankly massive) doors this week after being closed since 2008 for extensive renovations. The theatre, the oldest standing opera house in South America, was built in 1885 by the Italian architect Pietro Cantini, and was opened in 1892, to celebrate the […]

Bogota International Book Fair

  Today marks the first day of Bogota’s annual International Book Fair (FILBO). The festival will run for two weeks between April 29 and May 12, and takes place in Corferias, a large convention centre in the neighbourhood of Quintaparedes (Corferias address: Cra. 37 #24-67). Since the fair began in 1988 it has risen steadily […]

Remembering Gabo

  When I first pulled One Hundred Years of Solitude from the shelf in my local bookshop, aged 14, and quickly parted with the princely sum of eight pounds to take it home (mainly because I loved the sound of the author’s name and the cover-art,), I could never have anticipated that I would end […]

El Gabo

  Gabriel Garcia Marquez will forever be remembered as a man of letters; a literary icon almost without equal, and the originator of the Latin American literary ‘boom’ with whom he is synonymous. However, what many people may not know is that music was as much, if not more, of a part of his life […]