Family holiday in ColombiaFamily holiday in Colombia

  I have lived, worked and traveled in Colombia for almost 3 years now, on and off, and have been lucky enough to have my parents come over and visit me 3 times (I’m an only child, it helps!). We have had some amazing trips to a variety of diverse and beautiful places, but these […]

Tejo Colombia

  Tejo is one of those things that nobody really believes in outside of Colombia: try telling people that the national sport of the country you live in involves chucking metal lumps at gunpowder whilst getting slowly (and often compulsorily) drunk, and they often won’t believe you, or at least assume you’re exaggerating. The game […]

There’s very few sports in the world wherein drinking is positively encouraged as you play. Darts is one; it’s hard to imagine playing darts without a pint sat on a table nearby, waiting for you. Colombia, too, have their very own sport that is synonymous with getting intoxicated. In fact, often, it’s a sport that’s […]