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Colombia Travel Guide

Years ago, Colombia was out of bounds for travelers, deemed a risk too great even for the most adventurous. Now, after having been closed off for so long, we´re incredibly happy to say that Colombia´s doors are now firmly open, and through them is a myriad of attractions that are safe, accommodating, and, most importantly, absolutely unforgettable. Our Colombia Travel Guide is intended to give you a detailed overview of what to expect from this truly unique country.

Many of the more popular travel guides are lacking detailed, reliable information or remain out of date. Our aim is to keep you absolutely up-to-date using our own insider knowledge about Colombia. As a team of travelers based in Colombia, we can offer a Colombia Travel Guide that’s packed with everything you need to know when coming here, from where to find the best beaches to where you can expect to enjoy the best cup of coffee. If you’re coming to Colombia, be sure to explore our travel guide and  be prepared to get excited.


Colombia Travel Information

Colombia is a country of diversities where a Colombia Travel Information is absolutely essential to guide a traveler around its most exciting, remote areas as well as Colombia Travel information showing the urban, cultural, modern and industrialized towns and cities spread throughout the country.

Colombia Destinations

On the surface of Colombia Destinations many beautiful towns, exotic jungles, heavenly flat lands and colorful rivers can be discovered; its geographical diversity contributes to describe Colombia Destinations in a fully accurate way.

Colombia Map

Our Colombia Map not only locates Colombia as the most privileged situated country in South America; it also provides useful points in one of the most exuberant geographies a guide such as the Colombia Map could possibly expose.

Is it Safe to Travel to Colombia?

Is it safe to travel to Colombia? This is one of the most oft-asked and oft-Googled questions for people interested in Colombia Travel. Here's See Colombi Travel's take on the subject.

When to go to Colombia

If the traveler is free and relaxed When to Go to Colombia has not limits; because of its tropical location When to Go to Colombia will offer dry and rainy seasons all inside the great variety of climates all around the year.

Travelling Solo in Colombia

Solo travel in Colombia can be an intimidating thing – but it doesn’t need to be. Although venturing into the unknown is scary, it’s also one of the most fulfilling, rewarding experiences you can have in your lifetime. Many people shy away from the challenge but we at See Colombia Travel, as lifetime travelers, fully […]

How to get to Colombia

Colombia is the key point of entrance into the South American Continent; How to Get to Colombia will show the numerous routes a traveler most know from any worldwide destination.

Weather in Colombia

As an exceptionally well located country, Colombia Weather offers the traveler a variety of climates changing from the natural cold of plateaus and mountain picks to the hottest dessert temperatures all around the year. Colombia Weather facilitates the pleasure to change from one to the other at the shortest travelling distances.

Colombia History

Its big number of tribes and cultural settlements are shown in the History of Colombia; since Colonial times, the History of Colombia has an immense and rich variety of developments to tell to any traveler wishing to know about the country.

Getting Married in Colombia

There are some obvious reasons for choosing Colombia as the backdrop for your special day. If we put the unforgettably spectacular backdrops themselves – whether you choose a pristine beach overlooking the picture-perfect Caribbean or the green hills of an everlasting spring – to one side for a moment, there are some other, less expected, […]

Entry Requirements for Colombia

Coming to a new country from a far and distant land can be a daunting prospect, not least when information is scarce both in print and online. Step in See Colombia Travel with all the information you could possibly need about entry requirements for Colombia.

Our Promise

Welcome to See Colombia Travel, your number one resource for vacations to Colombia. We are a team of international experts boasting vast experience of traveling the world, and we’re here to help you discover the treasures of our beloved Colombia.

At See Colombia Travel all our Colombia tours are tailor-made. We’re determined to ensure your experience is 100% to your liking. Colombia is a stunningly varied country boasting idyllic beaches, lost cities asleep in the mountains and, of course, coffee galore in its bustling city-centers.

Whatever you’re looking for from your Colombia vacation, we’re here to guide you and ensure your trip is up to our highest standards of safety, value and quality. We’re sure that once you’ve been to Colombia, like us, you’ll want to spread the word about this fantastic, diverse country.