Friday is here (quite predictably to be honest…), and we’re counting down the hours ’til we can turn off the computer, pick up a bottle of guaro and hit the town. And what better music to boogie to on a Friday than the Pacific coast hip-hop of Colombia’s mighty Chocquibtown. Seeing as they’ve just […]

Que significa ser un colombiano? Estereotipos colombianos

    Es muy difícil generalizar o intentar reunir las características que describen a los habitantes de todo un país en una lista, especialmente cuando se trata de Colombia, ya que como sabemos está lleno de diversidad y las personas no son la excepción. Cada región tiene unas características muy específicas, pero otro día hablaremos […]

Is Colombia safe for gay travel

  With the steady march of gay rights over the last thirty years or so, in the world in general as much as here in Colombia –  where, despite the efforts of anti-gay rights campaigners it looks like same sex marriage will be more than just a theoretical possibility before too long – the gay travel industry […]

  As far as I remember, Christmas traditions in Sydney, Australia go something like this. You spend December stressing out about which ridiculously overpriced dance party you’ll invest all that money you should be buying presents for your family with, fight through the crowd gawking at the fireworks, get ridiculously inebriated; and, if you’re in […]

Do you like Gilesy’s writing? If so, please take one minute to leave a comment of at least ten words here to help him win the award for best ex-pat blogger. Thanks! If I were to be glibly simplistic, as is my wont, I could say that Colombia is music; and it could be nearly as […]