Medellin Rooftop

This is a guest post written by US travel writer Kim Merritt… “Are you crazy?” That was the usual reaction after telling my family and friends I would be spending a month traveling through Colombia. But as a girl who almost always travels alone I’m used to people thinking I’m nuts. “What if you get […]

La Guajira Colombia

  Travel is a wonderful way to broaden your mind, change your perception on the world, and meet amazing people from diverse places. Yet there are a number of different ways of experiencing the magic of travel: hostels or hotels? Planes or buses? And, for me, the big one, solo or group? The way you […]

Safety Week continues at Colombia Travel Blog! Today we are going to be answering some ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ about safe travel in Colombia. 1. Is it safe to travel to Colombia? Yes! In the past 10 years Colombian security has increased to the point the where more and more tourists are visiting every year. Thousands of people […]