This is a guest post by Peter Low, author of the book ‘Colombian Spanish: Phrases, Expressions and Tips to Help you Speak like a Local’, released this week.     During my years living in Colombia, local friends have often told me that theirs is the ‘most neutral’ Spanish in the world. This assessment, […]

En Colombia se Habla Espanhol

  Colombia, I’m sure you realise by now, boasts ridiculous levels of diversity – whether it be fauna, flora, landscapes, or culture. One of the most fun expressions of this world-famous diversity is the myriad of accents you’ll hear when you come to Colombia. It’s claimed that the Spanish spoken in Bogota is the best […]

Now, I rarely impress anyone. My mum won’t even really watch me when I do something really cool like balance on one leg or wave my arms around a bit. I thought I’d just put that out there just in case you think I’m trying to give myself airs with the title of the piece. […]

Viejos hablando en jerga colombiana

Hola a todos, Ya hemos hablado en nuestro Blog otras veces como el español de Colombia nos parece el que mejor se habla y pronuncia en nuestro Continente. Como el único latino-no-Colombiano de este equipo y después de haber vivido  varios países de América Latina yo creo a pies juntillas que es definitivamente así; Colombia […]