visit Paloquemao market bogota

  Colombia isn’t really famous for it’s food and drink around the world: the true ‘foodie paradise’ destination tags go to South-East Asian countries, Mediterranean destinations, and Latin American countries like Peru and Mexico. When people think of ‘foodie travel’ Colombia is rarely on the tip of their tongues. This is partly fair and partly […]

Bogota Foodie

  This is a guest post by the author of Bogota-based food blog ‘Bogota Foodie‘, Loon Lio. Loon is originally from Brisbane in Australia, where he quit his office job in 2009 to follow his passion and eat/travel the world! He has ended up living in Colombia where he blogs about food and leads off-the-beaten-track […]

Cafe Cultor Bogota

  Last week, I wrote a post about the growing specialty coffee culture in Colombia. But the real question is: “Where can I experience this?” If, like me, you are looking not just for a mind-blowing cup of coffee (because, let’s face it, sometimes I can’t tell much more than that it tastes like great […]

Anthony Bourdain Colombia

  At See Colombia Travel Towers (it’s on the ground floor to be totally honest…) we all love Anthony Bourdain: a committed traveler, food-lover and, yes, aficionado of some slightly stronger beverages! And the best part of it is…Bourdain loves Colombia; so much so that he’s visited here twice to film episodes of his wonderful […]

La Puerta Falsa Bogota

  La Puerta Falsa (Calle 11 No 6-50), in Bogota’s historic La Candelaria District, is one of the oldest and most traditional restaurants in the city: it dates back to 1816, and, without wanting to make the place sound too old-fashioned, you can definitely tell! In spite of it’s position just off the Plaza Bolivar, […]

Comida vegetariana Bogota

Ser un vegetariano en un país como Colombia, donde la gente es principalmente carnívora, es extremadamente difícil. Especialmente cuando comer carne es uno de los pasatiempos favoritos de los colombianos. Pero si eres vegetariano y quieres una dosis diaria de verduras, mientras vives o viajas por Colombia, entonces aquí encontraras algunos sitios con comida deliciosa […]