Humpback Whale Colombia

  It’s the first day of July, and that means one thing (well, it means lots of things, but for our purposes just one!): it’s officially the beginning of humpback whale season here in Colombia. The first whales were spotted from the coast of Colombia’s Pacific region a couple of weeks ago, but it’s July […]

Choco Toucan in...El Choco

Chocó is one of Colombia’s most troubled regions. For decades, it has been enveloped in war, corruption and violence. Isolated from the rest of Colombia by thick, dense jungle and politically estranged thanks to Colombia’s armed conflict and high levels of corruption, it has long been cast off as an unsalvageable wasteland. The future of […]

humpback whales choco colombia

  Colombia is a country of wildlife. Ecologically, it is considered one of the world’s most megadiverse countries, and is the most megadiverse per square kilometre on the planet. It is likely that within the next two years Colombia will become the first country on earth to register 1,900 species of birds, and from the […]