Last year a film was released in Colombia that captured the public’s imagination and quickly broke national box-office records – the film was a high-budget and spectacular wildlife documentary named Colombia: Magia Salvaje. The film delved into Colombia’s remarkable biodiversity, with incredible footage of some of Colombia’s most iconic wildlife. One sequence that stands out […]

Living in a major city, you don’t really think twice about going to the flicks now and then. Generally, Colombian cinemas are of fairly amazeballs quality, pretty much all with digital projection, with a dangerously delicious variety of caramel popcorn in bountiful supply. Still, a staggering 96% of Colombian towns don’t have a cinema of their […]

Sofia Vergara

There are many reasons to love Colombia, but the one that always comes back is “the people”. One of Colombia’s most famous people is Sofia Vergara, and today is her birthday. So let’s celebrate Sofia on her special day. She’s not afraid to show her emotions. She’s not afraid to sing in public, despite *that* voice. […]