Colombian pesos

  For people new to Colombia one of the first big challenges can be getting used to the new currency: how much is each bill and coin worth; which is especially valuable and which is pocket change; who is that guy with the excellent mustache on the blue note? I’ve heard all these questions and […]

Since they just brought out some new coins and notes here in Colombia, we thought it would be pertinent to bring you some information about the local currency. Colombia’s local currency is the Colombian Peso, which is represented by the dollar sign. The lowest note available is $1,000, which seems like a lot but you […]

In a world where the knowledge of different cultures is proliferating, there are still some small tics in each place you go that will catch you by surprise. Did you know, for example, that in Tibet it’s considered polite to stick out your tongue at a guest? Or that in Albania nodding your head means […]

Tayrona is a stunning meld of beaches, jungles and mountains that never fails to enchant everyone that visits. It’s a wilderness, seemingly untouched by man (excepting the accommodation and restaurants), that sprawls on for miles and miles. Despite its paradisaical nature, there’s one complaint I often hear from backpackers and high-end travelers alike: it’s too expensive. I’d […]

Colombia’s local currency is the Colombian Peso. Initially things can get a bit confusing since the lowest note available is 1,000, but you soon become accustomed to the extra zeros and, frankly, I’ve never felt richer. The exchange rate is officially rated against the US Dollar and varies daily, but for a rough estimate as […]