Yesterday we brought you 1-5 of our top 10 Colombian fruits. Today we’re finishing the list, but it has to be said, there’s so much variety here in Colombia and the fruit is so delicious that you almost can’t go wrong. If you’re traveling to Colombia, just remember to be adventurous with your smoothies. The […]

I remember traveling to Sri Lanka some years ago and being told that no matter how poor people were, going hungry was very rare as the abundance of fruit the country had to offer ensured there was always something to eat. Now I’m not sure if that’s the same here in Colombia, but certainly there’s […]

Food is a huge part of getting to know any culture and in Colombia it’s no different. Many of Colombia’s cities offer a wide variety of international cuisine, fast-food chains and, oddly, English-style pubs. But we think the best way to get to know about Colombia’s cuisine and, therefore, Colombia’s culture, is by sampling the […]