San Basilio de Palenque

  Read this post in English here: “5 Amazing Day-trips from Cartagena” Permítanme empezar diciendo esto: Me encanta visitar Cartagena. Claro, hay muchos turistas y unos cuantos de vendedores ambulantes demás ofreciendo souvenirs cuestionables, pero “La Heroica” es un lugar mágico para visitar en cualquier viaje a Colombia. Sin embargo, incluso los fanáticos de García Márquez […]

cartagena colombia itinerary

  Colombia travel has changed dramatically over the 5-or-so years that we’ve been working as a Colombia travel blog – back in 2011 when we started blogging about this country most people travelling in Colombia were here backpacking, taking their time and moving around the country for at least 2-4 weeks at a time, often with […]

San Basilio de Palenque

  La versión de este post en castellano aquí: “5 escapes de un dia desde Cartagena” Let me start of by saying this: I love visiting Cartagena. Sure, it’s busy and there are a few too many street vendors hawking questionable souvenirs, but the so-called ‘Jewel of the Indies’ is a magical place to visit […]

Parque Arvi Medellin

  One of my favorite things to do with kids (or aunts, uncles, friends, anyone really) in Medellin is to take the metrocable to Parque Arvi. This day trip will take you from the most urban to the most rural areas of Medellin, and give you a whole new perspective of the city. And, a real plus when […]

  For our 2 week Caribbean coast itinerary: click here We recently published a post detailing a dream 2 week beach holiday itinerary for anyone visiting Colombia; now, there’s so much more to this country than just sunny, sandy beaches, so we thought we’d bring you some more itineraries to suit specific interests. As with […]


For our 2 week culture and history trip itinerary: click here Over the next few weeks we will be writing a series of posts containing sample 2 week Colombian holiday itineraries (including additional activities for those with 3 weeks or a month); these itineraries are designed to give readers an idea of how they can make […]