La Chorrera Waterfall Colombia

  Colombia has a number of well-known, popular hikes that travelers here can enjoy: El Cocuy and the Lost City being the most famous. However, in the countryside around Bogota there are numerous incredible day-hikes available which are generally fairly unknown and under-explored. One of these is the hike to La Chorrera waterfall, near Choachi, […]

  Después de haber tenido un gran día en las cataratas en el Parque Foz do Iguaçu ahora nos dirigimos al lado argentino. Muchos se preguntan cuál lado es mejor, lo cierto es que cada uno brinda una experiencia diferente, del lado de Brasil tendrás un gran panorama, acompañando por arcoíris que se forman entre […]

El Penol Rock

  From last Friday until Monday, the little town of Guatape, two hours outside Medellin, in Antioquia Department, hosted the 13th Annual Encuentro Nacional de Caminantes, or National Hikers Meeting. Every year, hiking enthusiasts from all over Colombia (plus a couple of token Brits…hello!) get together to explore hiking trails in different regions of Colombia. This […]

San Agustin archaeological park

  South America contains many archaeological treasures: lost cities hidden deep in the jungle, gigantic figures etched into the desert, a glittering array of gold and silver; but in the fertile green hills of southern Colombia is one ancient archaeological site which few people outside the country are aware of. San Agustín is a pretty, coffee-producing town in the […]