Casa Elemento Minca Colombia

  When most people think of Colombia’s Caribbean coast, they picture white sand beaches, palm trees and pelicans…and they’re totally right…it is all of those things. However, less than an hour from the gateway to Tayrona National Park and the beach-lined coast, Santa Marta, lies a tiny mountain village of cool evening breezes, fast-flowing rivers […]

La Chorrera Colombia

  Who doesn’t love a waterfall?! The thrill of experiencing nature at it’s rawest and most elemental; the roaring rush of torrents of water crashing over a cliff edge, the spray drifting through the air: it’s no surprise that visiting waterfalls is often one of the most common travel activities you see listed at hostels […]


For our 2 week culture and history trip itinerary: click here Over the next few weeks we will be writing a series of posts containing sample 2 week Colombian holiday itineraries (including additional activities for those with 3 weeks or a month); these itineraries are designed to give readers an idea of how they can make […]