Traveling to Punta Gallinas Guajira Colombia

  ¡¡¡Revisa nuestra Guía Completa para visitar Cabo de la Vela completamente actualizada  para más información sobre viajar a La Guajira!!! Punta Gallinas es el punto más septentrional de América del Sur – el inicio de un continente (o el final: depende de su perspectiva realmente): el punto donde la gran masa continental de América […]

What is 3 Travel Bloggers

YouTube is the place to be these days – more and more people are using YouTube as a search engine for inspiration and ideas, especially when it comes to travel. You know how they say that a picture is worth a thousand words…well imagine how many words thousands of moving pictures represents! The advent of […]

Utria National Park Choco Colombia

  So, it’s 2016, and there has never been a better time to visit Colombia and explore it’s myriad destinations, remarkable diversity, and varied culture. Of course there are the classics: no self-respecting Colombia traveler ends up missing many of Cartagena, Tayrona, Medellin, Cali or Bogota. However, there are so many incredible destinations to visit […]

Schengen Visa Colombia

  Today (Wednesday, December 2) marked a historic day for Colombians all around the world, as President Juan Manuel Santos signed into agreement an exemption which allows Colombians to travel visa-free and unrestricted to 26 European ‘Schengen’ nations, bringing the total number of countries which Colombians can travel to ‘visa-free’ to 88. The exemption will […]

Visit Mocoa Putumayo

  There’s another puente (or Colombian national holiday) next weekend and, instead of heading a couple of hours away to tierra caliente, I have (happily) accepted the ‘offer’ to accompany some friends on another trip to Mocoa in Putumayo – my third this year! The majority of Colombians have never visited the department and most foreign tourists to Colombia […]