cerros de mavecure guainia colombia

  When Colombians go to the polls this Sunday (October 2) they will be asked a simple question with a thousand different potential outcomes, consequences and potential developments: ‘SI’ or ‘NO’ to the peace deal with the FARC. President Juan Manuel Santos has already been quoted as saying that a ‘No’ vote means that “the guerrilla commanders […]

Puerto Gaitan Colombia

  We were somewhere on the edge of Meta near the banks of the river when the visions began to take hold: suddenly the silence of the jungle was broken by the sound of exhaling and splashing as the surface of the brown river was broken by the most surreal creatures I could ever have dreamt up […]

Melgar Colombia

  Well, it seems the Bogota weather curse has returned with a vengeance! After what seemed like months of pretty respectable weather by the Colombian capital’s standards, the rain is falling in buckets again. I’d almost forgotten what it was like walking down the hill for a coffee and coming back with the bottom of […]

Ah, the sweet glory of a “puente” (long weekend). In Colombia there are far more than we get back in Europe, the States or in Australia, and at certain times of the year it can feel like you’re on full-time vacation. Luckily for those of us living in Colombia, the major cities have a wealth […]