Ah, the sweet glory of a “puente” (long weekend). In Colombia there are far more than we get back in Europe, the States or in Australia, and at certain times of the year it can feel like you’re on full-time vacation. Luckily for those of us living in Colombia, the major cities have a wealth […]

With the mention of Colombia, most people will conjure images of colonial gems like Cartagena, bustling metropolises such as Bogotá or idyllic beaches like the ones you’ll find in Tayrona National Park. Few will imagine the snow-capped peaks in El Cocuy we wrote about yesterday, or the incredible Mars-like lanscapes that stretch over the desert of […]

Colombia is a country of breathtaking diversity. You can hike snow-capped mountains, explore the Amazon rainforest, relax on Caribbean beaches and that’s just to start. Last week I went to Tatacoa Desert for the first time – another type of landscape to add to Colombia’s already impressive list. Arriving to Tatacoa it can be difficult […]