Happy Colombians

En nuestros posts anteriores ya hemos visto como muchos expats han venido a Colombia y han quedado completamente enamorados del país, tanto que decidieron quedarse en Colombia y nos preguntamos, ¿Qué ha pasado con el viajero colombiano? Aunque somos muy patrióticos y por supuesto amamos nuestro país tristemente la mayoría no conocemos muchos de los sitios que […]

Medellin Rooftop

This is a guest post written by US travel writer Kim Merritt… “Are you crazy?” That was the usual reaction after telling my family and friends I would be spending a month traveling through Colombia. But as a girl who almost always travels alone I’m used to people thinking I’m nuts. “What if you get […]

Is It Safe For Your Parents to Visit Colombia?

  Following on from yesterday’s post about where to take your parents when they visit Colombia, I though a post aiming to allay any fears they might have of visiting one of the world’s most misunderstood countries was called for. Sure, many of you might be backpacking through Colombia with no thought to your parents ever […]

BiciTaxi in Colombia, carrying my regal self

  When you finally get to Colombia, the easiest way to travel around by far (before you enter the magical world of The Chicken Buses) are those little lemon-yellow  taxis blaring out their salsa or reggaeton that are in such rich profusion pretty much all over the country. Convenient, quick, and relatively cheap; they’re generally reliable, […]

Is Colombia safe for gay travel

  With the steady march of gay rights over the last thirty years or so, in the world in general as much as here in Colombia –  where, despite the efforts of anti-gay rights campaigners it looks like same sex marriage will be more than just a theoretical possibility before too long – the gay travel industry […]

Pablo Escobar

S’il est vrai que la Colombie est le premier producteur de coca au monde, l’image véhiculée sur ce pays est souvent désuète et excessivement négative. Cette production n’est plus aux mains des cartels de la drogue, organisations mafieuses des années 1980, qui contrôlaient alors l’ensemble du marché, et dont le plus fameux représentant, Pablo Escobar, […]

Choco Toucan in...El Choco

Chocó is one of Colombia’s most troubled regions. For decades, it has been enveloped in war, corruption and violence. Isolated from the rest of Colombia by thick, dense jungle and politically estranged thanks to Colombia’s armed conflict and high levels of corruption, it has long been cast off as an unsalvageable wasteland. The future of […]