La Chorrera Colombia

  Who doesn’t love a waterfall?! The thrill of experiencing nature at it’s rawest and most elemental; the roaring rush of torrents of water crashing over a cliff edge, the spray drifting through the air: it’s no surprise that visiting waterfalls is often one of the most common travel activities you see listed at hostels […]

San Agustin Archaological Park Easter Island Machu Picchu

A short time ago I visited San Agustin’s Archaeological Park thanks to the San Agustin town council and Disfruta San Agustin. Over the course of three very intense days, myself and Toya, from Colombia de Una really came to appreciate the potential for tourism that the region has. We already have a number of posts […]

San Agustin archaeological park

  South America contains many archaeological treasures: lost cities hidden deep in the jungle, gigantic figures etched into the desert, a glittering array of gold and silver; but in the fertile green hills of southern Colombia is one ancient archaeological site which few people outside the country are aware of. San Agustín is a pretty, coffee-producing town in the […]

San Agustin Archaeological Park is an amazing collection of Pre-Columbian head stones in a huge natural area of southern Colombia (a region that itself is well worth you visiting). It’s actually bigger than, for instance, the Machu Picchu National Park in Peru. So, with this in mind, we thought we’d take the opportunity to give […]