Popayan Colombia

  Popayan is well-known in Colombia for it’s gorgeous colonial architecture, UNESCO-recognized gastronomic culture, and it’s famous Easter celebrations. The capital of Cauca department is a small city, with less than 300,000 residents, but what it lacks in size it  more than makes up for in charm and beauty. So here’s a photo gallery of […]

No, it’s not something rude to do with Santa Claus. In a country where you’ll see taxi-drivers; ladies dolled up in high heels; and muscle-bound men in singlet-tops crossing themselves repetitively and fervently when they pass under the shadow of one of Colombia’s countless churches, it’s little suprise that the week leading up to Easter […]

Holy Week, otherwise known as Semana Santa, is fast approaching. With many Colombians having time off work during this period, plans to celebrate Holy Week are being made around Colombia. Holy Week celebrations in Colombia traditionally run from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday and this year it falls on the dates Sunday 1st April to […]