Tayrona Park Closed

  Once again the decision has been taken by the Colombian National Park service to close the most popular of their sites, Tayrona National Park, for a month. After previously closing the park for a month in November of 2015 after local indigenous groups, who consider the park to be sacred, requested that it be […]

romantic cartagena colombia

  El día de San Valentín es un “festivo” extraño en Colombia… sobre todo porque técnicamente no es un día festivo aquí. Colombia celebra su propia versión del día “romántico” con “El día del amor y la amistad” cada mes de septiembre, el tercer sábado del mes. Para ser honesto, prefiero la versión colombiana, el […]

Tayrona Park Closed

  According to El Tiempo, El Espectador and Vanguardia reports, Colombia’s iconic Tayrona National Park, the second most visited in the country, will be closed to the public during the month of November, 2015. Beginning this Sunday, November 1, 2015, and ending on Monday 30, 2015, the closure has been agreed by the Colombian National […]

Salento Colombia

  My parents, like many people’s I imagine, were initially a little apprehensive about me moving to Colombia; after all, as we’re trying so hard to alter here at the Colombia Travel Blog, negative perceptions about the country still persist, partly down to sensationalist media accounts. However, as they’re my parents, they got on board […]