caño cristales colombia

Fotografía de río Caño Cristales: (cc) FOTUR – (fotógrafo MCarvajal) In an unexpected twist to the recent reports of exploratory fracking in and around the Serrania de la Macarena National Park, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos announced yesterday (Thursday 14 April) that he had suspended the environmental license allowing exploratory fracking to take place in the important zone […]

La Guajira

  Colombia is a country of wondrous destinations; a place with stunning variety and remarkable diversity. It is also home to some truly surreal travel destinations: places where reality and imagination seem to converge. Here are our Top 5 surreal spots in Colombia: 1. La Guajira Gigantic sand-dunes crashing into the Caribbean, stunning beaches carved […]

Colombia is a land of incredible diversity, where mountains jut up in the centre of cities and jungles line the bottoms of snow-capped mountains. There are few places in the world with such a dizzying mishmash of landscapes and wildlife, making travel to Colombia an unforgettable experience (even if it’s unlikely you’ll manage to see […]