jardin antioquia colombia

  This is a guest post by Di Michelle, a digital marketer and world traveller currently exploring South America, and blogging about it on her travel blog ‘Slight North’. Over the next few months she will be sharing photographic tales of her Colombian travels with the Colombia Travel Blog through here travel photo diaries. First […]

Jardin Antioquia

  One of the things I have loved the most about traveling in Colombia has been the country’s remarkable ability to keep surprising me; each time I think my personal ‘best places I’ve been in Colombia’ list must surely be impregnable to newcomers, I visit somewhere else that insists on muscling in to the list! San […]

La Chorrera Colombia

  Who doesn’t love a waterfall?! The thrill of experiencing nature at it’s rawest and most elemental; the roaring rush of torrents of water crashing over a cliff edge, the spray drifting through the air: it’s no surprise that visiting waterfalls is often one of the most common travel activities you see listed at hostels […]