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The Top 5 Most Visited Colombia Travel Blog Posts of 2012 (So Far)

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The team at Cocora Valley
The team at Cocora Valley

We’re past the half way mark of the year and thought it was just about time to bring you some of the highlights. It’s been an incredible year so far. We’ve built an even bigger community of people that are interested in travel in Colombia, we’ve been on TV, and we’ve even managed to reconnect people with their families. Amazing stuff, and there are still 5 months left. So be sure to stay tuned to the Colombia Travel Blog throughout the rest of the year and beyond, and for now enjoy some of our most popular posts of 2012 so far!

5) 5 Reasons to Come to Colombia NOW! (Infographic)

Colombia Travel Infographic 1

5 reasons to visit a country of such baffling diversity and cultural richness can be a hard thing to wittle down. Nonetheless, we tried out best and eventually were able to bring to you, our dear audience, 5 reasons that we think should convince everyone to travel to Colombia. We got our talented friend Alejandra to illustrate it for us, and we think the results are great. Check out more of her work here.

4) Paul McCartney in Bogota

Paul McCartney, before and after Colombia...
Paul McCartney, before and after Colombia…

Paul McCartney is unquestionably one of the most recognised musicians in the world. As one quarter of one of the best, most successful acts ever, his appearance in Bogotá was always sure to go down in history. And it did. It was an amazing event, capped off with an unforgettable rendition of The Beatles’ classic, ‘Hey Jude’.

3) Phrases You’ll Only Hear in Colombia

Colombia Juemadre
“Ay Juemadre!”

The Colombian dictionary is a colourful one, and there are many phrases completely unique to here. We picked out just 5 phrases that you’ll only hear in Colombia, but there are many, many more, especially if you travel to the Caribbean Coast (our list is fairly dominated by the lingo of Bogotá). There are plenty of other posts on Colombian Spanish too, including our Colombinglés dictionary!

2) Top Events Upcoming in 2012

Dancing at the Feria de Las Flores, Medellin
Dancing at the Feria de Las Flores, Medellin

Colombia’s calender is full to the brim with stuff to do, whether it’s throwing your horns in the air at Bogota’s Rock Al Parque or partying at Medellin’s Flower Festival or one of the many other options, you’re bound to find something on whenever you come. We collected some of our highlights, but it’s well worth checking out what’ll be happening whatever time you come, especially if you come on a Bogotá tour, since the city is almost always non-stop.

1) (Tied) Amazing news! We found Nicole’s Biological Family in Bosa, Bogotá

It’s a rare pleasure to be able to help someone in such a profound way, but recently we were given the privalege of being able to assist Nicole in her search for her biological Colombian family. She was kidnapped and adopted in 1975 and not given any trace of her past. She got in touch with us this year to visit Colombia, but when we heard her story we wanted to do much more. Eventually, thanks to our loyal followers that shared Nicole’s story, we found Nicole’s family in Bosa – a neighbourhood in the south of Bogotá. It’s an emotional story, and one we’re very proud to be a part of.

1) (Tied) 3 Colombian Phrases You Shouldn’t Translate Literally

En Colombia se Habla Espanhol
Spanish, bro! – Image from Deviantart

As we said, the Colombian dictionary is colourful, but sometimes unintentionally so. This post collected some phrases that here really don’t cause any offense whatsoever, but their translation to English is really rather rude. So if you get into the habit of confusing which language you’re talking in, you could get into some trouble.


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