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AMAZING NEWS! The Happy Ending to Nicole’s Story, a Girl Kidnapped in Colombia as a Child


She found her family! Nicole found her Colombian family!

Together at last - Nicole and her mother embrace for the first time in 35 years
Together at last – Nicole and her mother embrace for the first time in 35 years

Hello all, today we have some very special news for you all. I’m sure you remember the story of Nicole, the woman that was kidnapped in Colombia and adopted in the US.

She didn’t know her real name, she didn’t have any trace of her family and was armed only with vague memories of her formative years in Colombia: her mum’s black hair; the dimple on her dad’s chin; the lady in black that took her by the hand when she was crying, after which she’d never see her family again.

Or so she thought.

Nicole got in touch with us at See Colombia Travel and, using our blog and social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter, we tried our hardest to spread the word about Nicole’s story. You can see our previous posts here and here that help tell the story of Nicole’s history, and her recent search.

We got leads from these blog posts, but nothing came into fruition. Nicole came to Colombia, to Bogotá, on the 30th of July. She met with Marcela and the two worked tirelessly since then.  We carried on trying and trying at the See Colombia Travel towers, and got an amazing response from all our readers, eventually making it onto national Colombian television.

Nicole in the States

Here we had a breakthrough. After posting the TV slot to our social media networks we got a lead. This lead turned out to be the crucial one.

We always had hope, but we knew to keep our expectations down. The chances of Nicole tracing her adopted family were slim; Colombia is a big country, and we knew from her memories that she came from a very vulnerable neighbourhood in a poor community. Her parents owned a small sweet stand, and she lived there. The probability of them having the internet was low at best.

We kept faith, though, and thankfully so did Nicole. Today she was reunited with her mum for the first time in 35 years.

Thanks to the hard work of all involved, our writers, our readers, our re-Tweeters, our Likers, our sharers, Marcela and of course Nicole herself… Thanks to everyone’s help we located Nicole’s biological family in a small town outside Bogotá!

¡Que emocíon!

We’re thrilled to bring you this news, as it’s been something we’ve been working on very hard. We can only imagine the joy and relief that Nicole must feel right now, and we wish her all the happiness in the world – she deserves it!

Nicole with her husband Jonathan, Marcela and JL
Nicole with her husband Jonathan, Marcela, Maria del Mar and JL

The See Colombia Travel Team

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9 thoughts on “AMAZING NEWS! The Happy Ending to Nicole’s Story, a Girl Kidnapped in Colombia as a Child


    Hello, I read the story of Nicole and I would like to know if they have more photos of the girl when I get to America. I’m looking for my missing sister and me is a lot like her. Here too in Colombia.
    My sister ternìa 4 years and he disappeared in the tragedy of Armero in! 985, do not know if the dates match. The resemblance is very great, for that reason I decided to write.


      JL on

      Hi Lorena ans thanks for writing. As you know we finally found’s Nicole family : , but there’s a Facebook group that was very useful to us and that could maybe help you: Un Abrazo!


    Annette Thier on

    As an adoptive mom, I can only hope someday my daughter will find her birth mother, for whom I have only love and thanks–and who, someday, I hope to also meet. My daughter is lovely and I give thanks to God everyday for the gift of her mother in entrusting her to my care. I always felt we were involved in raising this child together. My heart loves her and wants to share my stories of her growing-up years with the woman who gave her life and, unfortunately, had to miss those years.


    yudy lore na prieto on

    hola marcela soy allegada a la familia de nicol y quisiera saber toda la historia de ella pero la verdad nose ingles ……que bendicion tan grande felicidades


    Josée on

    Wow!!! I started crying as soon as I read the title and saw the picture!
    It reminded me of when we went to Bogota to adopt our 2 sons….
    We’re really happy that her story has a happy ending!!


    Nicole on

    How can my family and I thank you more but to yell at top of our lungs how incredible the people are of this company. They are dedicated to making the world fall in love with Colombia. Now they also are dedicated to restoring families. It was so wonderful to finally be in the arms of my mother and family today!! This is just the beginning of a bigger story. I will be writing a book about it. Also, it will be covered in a documentary within the year. See Colombia Travel will get lots of thanks. I will never get tired of saying thank you!!! Now I know my birth name, birth date and most important my entire birth family. May God send an abundance of blessing upon you for this wonderful gift!


    Annika i Colombia on

    Wow, what GREAT news! I hope the reunion will be all she hoped for.


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