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The Top 10 Most Popular Colombia Travel Blog Posts of 2016

colombian flag sunset (foto: Ferney Salgado)

It’s been another great year for all of us at the Colombia Travel Blog in 2016 – more people have visited our page to learn about visiting Colombia than ever before! For many people 2016 will be remembered as a terrible year and it was in many ways. But in a sense the year also belonged to Colombia: huge steps were made in the peace process, Colombia was named country of the year by the Economist, and the 2nd best destination of 2017 by Lonely Planet. So, here are our Top 10 best performing blog posts of the year:

1. “Lonely Planet names Colombia 2nd best country to visit in 2017”

Probably the biggest travel news of the year in Colombia – the iconic travel guide book publishers named Colombia as the 2nd best destination to visit in 2017. This should be a huge boost for Colombian tourism, and it made mainstream news here in Colombia. The pride people felt in this story is evidenced by the fact that this story became the most popular post of the year, but also the 2nd most popular blog post in the near 6 year history of this blog!

Big news!

2. “21 reasons why you have to visit Colombia in 2017”

Our follow-up piece responding to the Lonely Planet news was this post giving the reasons to visit Colombia in the upcoming year, which were largely absent from the original Lonely Planet article.

tranquilandia san jose del guaviare
Wouldn’t you like to visit this place?! So many reasons to visit Colombia in 2017…

3. “The Top 8 Islands in Colombia”

Clearly you lot are into islands because this post, and its Spanish version, was hugely popular this year…

Isla Mucura Punta Faro beach
Enjoying the beautiful beach on Isla Mucura

4. “The Economist names Colombia ‘the country of the year’”

Another ‘award’ post, this news report about The Economist’s ‘Country of the Year’ award made a late entry into the Top 10, only being published in late-December. However, this positive piece of news and Colombian pride combined to make this post the fourth most popular of 2016.

Colombia national flag
Colombia: country of the year

5. “How I fell in love with Colombia”

My personal love-letter to my adopted home country became our fifth most popular post of the year, and prompted some very kind comments and emails. Thanks guys!

vallenato music colombia
Still love it!

6. “21 reasons why you should never visit Colombia”

A bit of fun, this one. That didn’t stop us getting some slightly confused and angry comments from people who clearly hadn’t read the post…the title’s a bit sarcastic folks!

Cabo San Juan Tayrona Colombia
Why would you want to come here!?

7. “The Curious Case of Julia Wendt; or ‘Modern Missing Traveler Syndrome’”

This young traveler in Colombia went missing and prompted a massive outpouring on social media, as thousands rallied to find her. Turned out she was off meditating and just didn’t tell anyone. That’s what prompted this post – in the age of social media and constant contact, this is going to keep happening unless you tell your family where you’re going people!

julia wendt (image: Facebook)
Oh Julia!

8. “How to visit Cabo de la Vela, La Guajira”

Clearly a place people want to visit: this post, a corresponding one in Spanish, and a guide to visiting Punta Gallinas in La Guajira were all very popular this year.

caracol cabo de la vela guajira colombia
What a beach!

9. “The Top 10 Treks in Colombia: from Andes to Amazon”

Trekking is an increasingly popular activity for travelers, and this post explaining the best treks in Colombia, from multi-day mountain treks to one day jungle hikes, went down very well.

The Lost City Colombia
The Lost City – quite the reward for a 4 day trek

10. “How to go tubing in Palomino”

Palomino is becoming a must-visit spot on Colombia’s Caribbean coast, and tubing along the Palomino river from the jungle to the sea is probably the most popular activity on a visit there. So this complete guide to tubing in Palomino clearly filled a gap.

Tubing Palomino Colombia
Tubing down the Rio Palomino: from the jungle to the sea…(Photo: Heather Wilson)


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