Apr 26

Is Colombia Safe For Travel? (Infographic) – Please share it, tweet it, like it and help us spread the good word about Colombia :)

There’s no better time to come to Colombia than right now. It’s thriving with an optimistic energy – a product of the rapid progression the country has made over the past few decades. Once written off as a failed state, the murder capital of the world and more, Colombia now buzzes with culture, cosmopolitanism and amazing opportunities for tourism.

Of course, some minds are yet to be changed, and we hope to do just that by releasing information about our adopted country (like whether it’s safe to travel in Colombia). For this reason we created the infographic below. It’s something we hope will change people’s minds, or for the converted, merely act as a reminder of how far this country has come in such a short space of time. For those already in the know and for those learning things about Colombia for the first time, please like, share, tweet, pin and do anything else you can to help spread this information.

Is Colombia safe? Basically, yes.  We proudly present our latest infographic: Is Colombia Safe For Travel?

Is it Safe to travel to Colombia?

It wasn’t an easy process putting it all together – from the research to the planning to the writing to the drawing to the Photoshopping… All in all it took a long time, but it’s worth it if it gets shared.

My brother Matthew and I are the ones that have been working on it (he’s an artist. Please check out and like his stuff at M Fowler Art). We originally went for a coffee theme, but we found with all the information we wanted to share, giving ourselves the limitations of a ‘theme’ just didn’t work. So we rearranged everything, started almost from scratch and built upon this blue idea, with the dark blue giving way eventually to the blue skies of Tayrona – one of the areas that has recently been opened up to travellers.

We wanted to acknowledge the past, to address people’s fears and to show them that their concerns aren’t completely unfounded. It’s legitimate for someone that has been reading the news in the UK for 20 years not to have read anything recently about Colombia’s renaissance – it’s far more likely that a guerilla attack in 1985 will have made the front page than the fact that now Bogotá has a great restaurant scene. Nonetheless, we hope with information like this that more than a few people will have their eyes opened, their interest piqued and maybe even their appetites whetted.




9 thoughts on “Is Colombia Safe For Travel? (Infographic) – Please share it, tweet it, like it and help us spread the good word about Colombia :)

  1. Sarita on

    I am British, my husband is Colombian, from Cali, and I have visited the country three times with him and his family. We have a young son who loves his father’s country. Whenever I am in Colombia I am always slightly on my guard, especially out in the street in Cali, but I realise this has mainly been because of the “horror stories”, and this feeling is diminishing every time I go. My main concern in Colombia is actually the traffic! I find car journeys quite stressful but I think this is the same in many other countries. An anecdote: two weeks before I travelled to Colombia, the cruise ship Costa Concordia sadly sank and brought the all discussion about safe/unsafe travel into perspective…


    Sam on

    hey great work mate, just got an email from a client expressing those exact concerns, passing her on the link as we speak. cheers


    TuDestino on

    I think that visit Colombia the next month, I hope that I like it. Thanks for the info. Sorry for my English.


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