flight to el choco colombia

  Colombia is a pretty geographically diverse place: you can go from desert, to plains, to jungle, to high Andean mountains to ocean in just a couple of days here, so getting around can sometimes be tricky. Most people fly, take buses or drive, but there are many other forms of transport in Colombia that […]

BiciTaxi in Colombia, carrying my regal self

  When you finally get to Colombia, the easiest way to travel around by far (before you enter the magical world of The Chicken Buses) are those little lemon-yellow  taxis blaring out their salsa or reggaeton that are in such rich profusion pretty much all over the country. Convenient, quick, and relatively cheap; they’re generally reliable, […]

Salento Mirador

So, I don’t know why, but I agreed to go on a trip to the coffee triangle with the adopted little brother I never wanted. Being Australian myself, I should’ve realised how annoying and uncouth my countrymen can be, but, I’m fairly notorious for making poor judgements (apart from going to Colombia, of course), so […]

Once upon a time guide books and websites suggested that people travelling around Colombia only jet around via plane. Buses, particularly at night, were a big no no. Now, things have changed and buses are all good in most areas. But, what mode of transport should you take while you’re travelling around Colombia? Bus or […]

visit valledupar colombia

  Valledupar isn’t the most attractive city in the world. While its main square is large and lined with trees, other streets can be found strewn with garbage that rots in the incessant, irrepentant heat. Many areas are industrious, dizzyingly chaotic and lacking in any real significant charm that might transform these traits into something […]