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Getting Married In Colombia – Where Better?

A country of baffling diversity, Colombia offers endless options to the intrepid traveller. Deserts, mountains, Caribbean and Pacific coastlines, verdant flatlands… If you’re searching for it, chances are you can find it in Colombia. For this reason Colombia is becoming more and more popular with all kinds of tourists – including couples getting married in Colombia.

Marriage in Cartagena, Colombia

What is it that makes marriage in Colombia so popular? Aside from the stunning diversity on offer, there’s also a great deal of other benefits – some more obvious than others.

Colombian wedding traditions are strong and there’s a great deal of investment from all parties involved – the organisers, the participants, the venue (be it a church or otherwise) and everyone else. Weddings in Colombia can be a big business and as such there are many excellent companies available to you. For example, a Bogotá-based company, Kharisma Floral, not only offer assistance for your wedding, but also a fantastic collection of flower arrangements for the special day. Which, of course, is not even to mention that Colombia is world famous for the quality of its flowers.

Tayrona National Park

Weddings in Colombia are also much cheaper than they are in, say, Europe. Marriage agencies in Colombia are just as efficient and offer the same high service, yet you can find agencies on offer for half the price as you might in the UK.

Finally, and most importantly, aesthetically Colombia is one of the most breathtaking places on earth. You could have your wedding in Cartagena, Colombia, and find yourself surrounded by the dramatic, charming colonial buildings that have brought tourists to the city for decades. With the Caribbean sun beating down upon you, it’ll be difficult to imagine a more perfect city for your wedding day.

But if it’s not the city you’re after, Colombia has an abundance of places suitable for your wedding, and even your honeymoon. San Andres is a Caribbean Island with numerous resorts available for you and your guests. You can get married on the Caribbean coast, looking out onto an endless horizon of sparkling turquoise ocean. Or how about at Hotel Punta Faro, a tiny island circled by clear seas and palm trees? Or, for perhaps the ultimate in beach weddings in Colombia, why not take a look at Tayrona National Park, one of the most dramatic coastlines you’ll find.

Isla Múcura, where you’ll find Punta Faro, near Cartagena

Wherever you choose, if you choose Colombia for your wedding, it’s bound to be a day you won’t forget. Be sure to check out See Colombia Travel’s Colombia romance tours, or just get in touch for help with your special day. See Colombia have had many clients looking to take their honeymoon in Colombia, and get married here. Guests of these multicultural weddings in Colombia have enjoyed touring the country with the company before and after the wedding, and seeing all the majesty on offer here.

Oh, by the way, Colombians really know how to party, too.

If you’re looking to get married in Colombia (and we know many of you are) then don’t worry about the pressure of organising it all alone. See Colombia Travel offer tours specifically designed to help your organise everything, from honeymoons to guest’s tours to the big day itself. Check out the link here.



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    Kelly on

    33 years back as the result of a inviting letter from mi novia I returned to the place(Bogota) where are romance started…my future suegra passed me off saying i was “un ave de paso” we of course were in love! we had little resources & even less patience, a year later we said our vows at la Notaria de la Novena…:o)


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