Weddings in Colombia are a big deal. A culture that relishes everything fiesta-orientated, the celebration is extravagent and lasts well into the morning. Unfortunately, this doesn’t come without planning, and for your wedding in Colombia there’s a lot you need to know before you can exchange your rings. –> Colombia Dolar (TRM) <– Here’s the […]

Comida vegetariana Bogota

Being a vegetarian in a carnivorous country like Colombia is damn right difficult. Especially since eating meat is pretty much Colombia’s favourite past-time. But if you are a vego and want a daily dose of greens while you live in or travel Colombia, then here are some delicious places you should visit. –> Colombia Dolar […]

Cabo de La Vela, La Guajira

When people ask about what it’s like living in Colombia, among other things they usually ask about the weather. Most people tend to think that Colombia is a tropical paradise with balmy weather all year round. Some of the country is, for sure, but it can also get mighty chilly too and I’ll tell you […]