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Marcela’s Friday Q&A: Honeymoon in Colombia

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Hey again everyone, Marcela here. I hope you’re all doing well, even though by now where you are it’s probably shifting into the colder time of the year!

I get a lot of requests from love-struck couples, recently-wed or about to be wed, asking about where I can recommend for a honeymoon in Colombia. Well, being a bit of an expert on romantic gestures (jeje ;)) I feel I’m in a good position to answer!

Firstly, most people have heard of San Andres and assume it’s going to be the best place in Colombia for their honeymoon. Well, San Andres is beautiful and I love going there on holiday, but I think there’s better places for a honeymoon here in Colombia, so I’d like to suggest a couple of places for newlyweds to visit. Of course, if you’ve got time and money, visit them all and have an unforgettable time!

Tayrona National Park – Ecohabs

Tayrona National Park’s Ecohabs

While Tayrona’s El Cabo beach may be a haven for dirty-haired backpackers, that’s far from all the national park has to offer. On the other side of the park are the Ecohabs; luxury cabins where you’ll have your own private beach, access to full spa treatment and sleekly designed accommodation. Really, I can’t imagine many places more perfect than this for a relaxing honeymoon spending quality time with my partner.

A beach at Tayrona


But it it’s more action you’re after, why not try Cartagena? While it’s still nice and relaxing wandering the cobble-stone streets and sipping Colombian coffee in the trendy cafes, there’s more in the way of fancy restaurants; big, luxury hotels; nightlife and culture. If that sounds your cup of tea, there’s also plenty of islands (the Rosario Islands especially) you can visit on a day tour from Cartagena that’ll give you a slice of that unforgettable Caribbean beach life.

Sunset in Cartagena

If you’re looking to get married in Colombia (and we know many of you are) then don’t worry about the pressure of organising it all alone. See Colombia Travel offer tours specifically designed to help your organise everything, from honeymoons to guest’s tours to the big day itself. Check out the link here.

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