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15 Weirdest Search Terms That Found The See Colombia Travel Blog

Here at the mystical-and-not-quite-physical See Colombia Towers, we try to keep at least one thumb on the interweb’s pulse. One of our most enjoyable analytical tasks is to look for bizzare search terms that have sent some likely internet-er to our blog. It doesn’t really help us strategically at all, but it is good for a bemused chuckle now and then. We certainly have had some doosies this year: from the desperate, irrelevant, to the down-right creepy. Here we bring you the best of the bunch. Enjoy!


1. I do not enjoy Sundays


This search raises a series of questions, including, why would somebody write such a depressing phrase? And, what were they hoping to find out by writing it? Perhaps some fellow Sunday-haters to wallow with. Just to clarify things: we all love Sundays here in the Sunday-Loving See Colombia Towers.

2. Bizarre things that only happen in China


Bizarre things that happen in this blog: sometimes we are found with search terms like the one above.

3. Why would a Colombian woman want you to move to Colombia rather than moving to US


In a way, all our posts are about this, right? I don’t know if every Colombian woman wants everybody moving here as opposed to the US, but, hey, Colombia is pretty awesome!


4. Will my Colombian girlfriend care if I don’t go to church


Las Lajas Sanctuary near Ipiales in southern Colombia
When churches look like this, why not go?


Hmmm… isn’t it just possible that sometimes some of you Gen Y’ers out there rely on Google like a little too much? Please don’t google for the answer to that question. Maybe, just maybe, you could ask her yourself?


5. Will my Colombian girlfriend leave me


Are you seeing a theme develop here? Well, maybe she will, if this is the way you’re going to try to solve any relationship questions.


6. Why Colombians love cheese


Cheese Chris Bell


We thank this searcher for the title of a post we hope, one day, to write. We have often explored the phenomenon that is cheese in Colombia, but have yet to come up with the sociological underpinnings of it. Seems we’ve got some research to do!


7. Is Bourdain going to Bosnia


We do like a bit of Bourdain here in the absolutely-not-Bosnian See Colombia Towers, but I don’t think we’re that helpful a site for this query. I hope everything works out, Gentle Searcher!


8. Who is Ben Cheetham


Well, See Colombia Travel is obviously the best option for trying to work out this conundrum. If you’re still out there, Ben Cheetham Searcher, we really want to help you. Ben Cheetham is a crime fiction writer from Sheffield; the little boy in the movie The Rite; an IT consultant in Surrey, a schoolboy rower from Australia; and, more to the point, the maker of the film we shared a bit of a couple of years ago. Hope that helps!


9. I want to open a facebook account under someone else’s account


Our legal team has advised us to state that we don’t condone  – and never have, for that matter – such forms of subterfuge. Keep walking, buddy.


10. Women riding donkey


Now, off to find some women. Plural. Photo from our friends at Off 2 Colombia
Now, off to find some women. Plural. Photo from our friends at Off 2 Colombia


The thing that intrigues me the most about this search is the grammar. How many women will do, exactly?


11. Hot sculptures


Something about that phrase seems… unsanitary.


12. Imagen de vaqueritos enamorados


Although the thought of coffee cowboys does make me blush ever so slightly, I didn’t think we would be the number one source for images of little cowboys in love. It’s a cute idea, though.


13. Builder, fully clothed in a waterfall



At last: builder, fully clothed in a waterfall
At last: builder, fully clothed in a waterfall


I think this is my favourite search of them all. I love the specificity of this image, so much so that I’ve done the best I can to find a picture to make the dream true. I hope this is good enough!


14. The Count Sesame Street



Ha ha ha ha 7! 7 tubs of cream to battle my bizarre skin condition. Ha ha ha…


I don’t know why this started, but I find it funny when doing countdown posts to include a picture of Count von Count from that childhood classic, along with a caption to amuse myself with. Starting out by pointing out that he probably suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (excuse me while I go wash my hands again), my obsession with this purple-skinned puppet has taken some weird directions. It appears that others are similarly obsessed, as variations on this theme have regularly provided us with hits over the year. So many hits we can hardly count. Ha ha ha.

15. OMG

I suppose Colombia is pretty OMG, but it still baffles me how this led what I can only assume was a confused elderly person trying to work out the meaning of modern vernacular to our site.


Feature image courtesy of Google.

3 thoughts on “15 Weirdest Search Terms That Found The See Colombia Travel Blog

  1. Laura on

    JAJAJAJAJA I might be guilty of two or more of those search.. I mean, I’m in love with El Conde Contar. I’m obsessed with cheese (in coffee, in soup, in arepas, in arequipe y bocadillo… perros calientes… and pretty much all I eat) And I also want Anthony Bourdain to come to my city, Barranquilla.

    Point 3 googlers: Because Colombia is so awesome and we love our families! ¡La familia es importante! Besides, at least you know she’s not behind living in your country “green card”. I hope.

    For spanish speakers: Si vienes buscando los “vaqueritos enamorados”, si mal no recuerdo eran unos dibujitos muy tiernos en postales y calcomanías, y casi cualquier tipo de decoración posible,con frases muy tiernas para enamorados, etc… Y si eres de mi época, cada chica tenía al menos una decoración de su cumpleaños o babyshower con esos dibujos, que no solo eran vaqueritos, también habían indios, bebitos y niñas con parasol.
    Para aquellos que vivieron los ochentas y previos (y como yo, los noventas) recordamos esos paquitos y calcomanías de los “vaqueritos”

    Por lo que, para su placer y satisfacción, aquí les dejo el nombre real de los “Vaqueritos enamorados”: Precious Moments.

    Además de los vaqueritos también estaban las siempre conocidas calcomanías Jet (las chocolatinas) y la de la parejita enamorada que decía “El amor es…” proveniente de USA cuyo nombre original es:”Love is…”

    Un abrazo!

  2. Paul Giles on

    OMG LOL!! I feel like our lives’ work has been done already! 🙂

  3. Azzam on

    Love it! It appears from the various different permutations that it appeared in that we are something of an authority on Sesame Street and The Count.


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