BiciTaxi in Colombia, carrying my regal self

  When you finally get to Colombia, the easiest way to travel around by far (before you enter the magical world of The Chicken Buses) are those little lemon-yellow  taxis blaring out their salsa or reggaeton that are in such rich profusion pretty much all over the country. Convenient, quick, and relatively cheap; they’re generally reliable, […]

  In this post, I’m going to come out with an outrageous claim. The Colombian department, Boyaca, is not the Colombian capital city, Bogota. OK OK, guys, calm down. Let me just explain a moment. I know this is a pretty crazy statement to just come out and say, but I do have my reasons. Although, as we […]

Paul Giles thinks back over his time time living and travelling in Colombia and picks out his best moments

    Para leer esto en español, haz clic aquí Ever being the optimist, I’d like to think that Gilesy’s greatest Colombian moment is yet to come. I’d also like to think that, this time, this optimism is fairly well-founded. I’m standing on the brink of becoming a full-blown father: Sahani Lewin Giles Rosales is […]

Is Colombia safe for gay travel

  With the steady march of gay rights over the last thirty years or so, in the world in general as much as here in Colombia –  where, despite the efforts of anti-gay rights campaigners it looks like same sex marriage will be more than just a theoretical possibility before too long – the gay travel industry […]

En Colombia se Habla Espanhol

  Colombia, I’m sure you realise by now, boasts ridiculous levels of diversity – whether it be fauna, flora, landscapes, or culture. One of the most fun expressions of this world-famous diversity is the myriad of accents you’ll hear when you come to Colombia. It’s claimed that the Spanish spoken in Bogota is the best […]