Traveller v Tourist

  Recently a new meme has been doing the rounds on social media: a series of split-screen images showing the purported differences between ‘tourists’ and ‘travelers’ – a selfie-stick sporting tourist on one side, and a traveler on the other, aiming their camera outwards; a traveler relaxing in a hammock, while the tourist checks into […]

Welcome to Colombia

  Emigrating to a new country can be a pretty nerve-wracking experience whichever way you look at it – we’re talking about relocating your entire life, meeting new people, finding new places to live and hang out, setting up new phone contracts, bank accounts etc…it’s a tough thing to get your head around. As a […]

Back in Colombia

  ¡Hola a todos! My name is Chris and I’m taking over as See Colombia’s new Editor. I was lucky enough to work as an intern (and general dogsbody to previous editor Paul) for See Colombia in 2012, and loved the experience so much that I’m coming back full-time – to the team and to […]

blog de viajes ciudad perdida

You can find the English version of this post here: He tenido la fortuna de haber viajado y vivido en muchos países del mundo. Quedándome seis días en uno, seis semanas en otros, y un año en algunos. Sin embargo, puedo decir honestamente que nunca había dejado un país con tal certeza de que regresaría […]