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7 Links Challenge: A Look At 2012 So Far

Colombia Travel Blogger Marcela Mariscal
This is where it began… Marcela Blogging about Colombia from Buenos Aires over a year ago

The 7 Links Challenge is a project started a while back by TripBase.com. It involves uniting bloggers from all different walks of blogging to share their posts, and with these old posts learn some lessons, revisit some old ideas and generally take a delightful walk down memory lane.

Our memory lane isn’t so long, since we’ve decided to limit ourselves to posts in 2012. Why do this? Well, you know by now we at the Colombia Travel Blog don’t do things the easy way. Or do we…? In reality, we’ve collected masses of articles since we started way back on Marcela’s balcony in Buenos Aires. So much so that it’d be impossible to go through everything (or at least it’d take ages).

We ourselves were nominated by the fantastic blog Travel Writing Pro, a place where you’ll not only find out some great information about traveling, but also get yourself some articles written.

Another part of our obligation is to nominate 5 other blogs to do the same thing. Here’s our list:

Bogota Eats and Drinks
Fellow Official Colombia Bloggers, these guys focus only on the food and drink scene in Bogota and give us an insight into where we should (and shouldn’t) go.

Banana Skin Flip Flops
The humorous travel journal of British journalist and writer Vicki is a must-read for anyone interested in life in South America as a foreigner.

Runaway Brit
Often funny, often insightful, the Runaway Brit wrote about Colombia with the passion we like, but can be found all over the world giving useful information.

Art of BackpackingA veritable institution, the Art of Backpacking is something of an encyclopedia for those looking to travel: where to go, what to do, how to get there.

20 Something Travel
Focusing on what is surely the most popular travel demographic, 20 Something Travel tackles issues close to the hearts of those around this age. Great reading material.

So here it is, our 7 Link List of 2012:

The Most Beautiful Post:
Happy Valentine’s Day from Colombia!

Marcela and JL in Boyaca
Marcela and JL in Boyaca

What other option do we have, really? The famous proposal video got posted again in honor of Valentine’s Day and, as such, took it’s rightful place on the top of the ‘most beautiful post’ pile. Enjoy it again (and again), and have a little think about how relationships can start in the most unusual, and unexpected, ways.

The Most Popular Post:
5 Reasons to Come to Colombia 

Beach at Tayrona National Park
Tayrona National Park

By far and away our most popular post this year, our info graphic gave 5 reasons to come to Colombia, and you guys responded by sharing it like mad. We were pleased to see our hard work in making it was rewarded, and we hope that it can get even more exposure and people try to find out more information about our wonderful adopted home.

The Most Controversial Post:
The Great Arepa Debate

Paul doesn't look convinced before trying his arepa
Paul doesn’t look convinced before trying his arepa

Pretty much Colombia’s favorite snack, we decided we’d write an article about how sometimes we’re not sure they’re worth the hype. Needless to say, many angry Colombians joined in the debate to assure us how wrong we were and that arepas are, in fact, the most delicious thing on earth. Ok, to be fair, we only had a few people tell us that, but anyone who has been to Colombia will know just how risky this arepa-questioning post was.

The Most Helpful Post:
Bogota, Forget Your Expectations, It’s One of South America’s Most Exciting Cities

Over the rooftops of La Candelaria, Bogota
Over the rooftops of La Candelaria, Bogota

Helpful because many people imagine travel to Bogota far differently from how it is: some see it as a crime-ridden city full of slums; some see it as a traffic-choked stop off to more ‘worthy’ destinations in Colombia. The truth? It’s an international, vibrant city with so much to do that you can never truly say you’ve exhausted it.

The Post Whose Success Surprise Us
Exploring Bogota Without Traffic 

Calle 127, usually full of cars
Calle 127, usually full of cars

Little to do with us and more to do with the fact that it’s a great concept, our photo essay around Bogota on ‘El Dia Sin Carro’ got more success that we expected since we just kind of thought we were putting up a few photos of Bogota. We shouldn’t have been so surprised however, since it’s a great idea and one that should be tried in other countries worldwide.

The Post that Didn’t Get the Attention It Deserved
‘Saliendo Adelante’ 

Saliendo Adelante

Although it got a decent amount of attention, we believe this video is well worthy of more. It takes a look at life in Bogota for a guy on the streets, who is trying to change his vision of the world thanks to a government-run initiative. Moving, informative and important, it should be watched by everyone.

The Post We’re Most Proud Of
We’re Official Colombia Bloggers!


JL during one of the Scavenger’s Hunt tasks (witha young Gabriel Garcia Marquez)

Not so much the post itself as what it’s about, we joined a group of 30 bloggers writing about Colombia to represent the country as part of the Official Colombia Bloggers team. It’s a great achievement, and something we’re very proud to be doing.


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