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You Know You're Colombian When...
You Know You're Colombian When...

As you’ll see in this post, sometimes people have trouble distinguishing what makes someone, or something (for example, a cat) Colombian. Well, we put the question to you guys to find out if there are any ways (besides a passport check) to tell if you are Colombian. Take heed.

This is an on-going post, so join in the fun!

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You know you’re Colombian when…

@OliOrtiz7 (Twitter)
You want to have arepa for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

@aincolombia (Twitter)
You dress your baby for a Siberian winter expedition just to leave the house in 15°C Bogotá climate..

@CasaAmarilla (Twitter)
When you don’t sit fully on the warm seat on the bus

@Expat_colombia (Twitter)
You miss a good ajiaco!

Luisa Calero (Facebook)
When you hear any type of music playing and it’s inevitable you move your body with its rhythm…
William Jarrell (Facebook)
…and consequently, you are late

@Margarila (Twitter)
When You Say to everybody GOOD MORNING! THANK YOU! GOOD BYE! 😉

@yeacb (Twitter)
You are walking in the rain with minishorts, a tiny t-shirt without an umbrella

@JLPastor (Twitter)
You say “que pena con usted” at least 10 times a day!

Fernando Vasquez Cuando (Facebook)
Every little meeting becomes a wild party!

Juiny Escobar (Facebook)
You’re in another country and you hear ‘musica llanera’ and it makes you cry because you’re so far

Mariia Paula P M (Facebook)
You shout ‘GOOOOOOOOLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!’

@MarcelaMariscal (Twitter)
You REALLY dont like to read Colombia misspelled as “Columbia”

@SassySSSS (Twitter)
You buy “un tintico” from a guy holding an old thermos on a street corner

@PaulBFowler (Twitter)
You ask for something for free, they say ‘con gusto’ and then you pay for it anyway (‘me regalas un…’)

@SassySSSS (Twitter)
You have one of these in your car

Gutierrez Adriana (Facebook)
When you start the day with a ‘cafesito’ and arepas! And end it celebrating with guaro!

Isabel Carvajal Pinto (Facebook)
When you cook arepas and hot chocolate and you miss your double cream cheese

Martha Gonzalez Parra (Facebook)
When here in the USA you hear the music of your beloved country… and the other Latinos from other countries recognise that our Spanish is PERFECT!!!

@CasaAmarilla (Twitter)
When “aja y que” is a legitimate reply to anything on the coast.

@gyepescalle (Twitter) 
You love a good arepita con quesito y chocolate for desayuno 🙂

@SassySSSS (Twitter)You buy something just because it has amarillo, azul, y rojo on it… Like these… or these, courtesy of @SneakerStudio:

@annieburbano (Twitter)
1) Everybody is really tiny :p 2) When you spend $10,000 on one coffee

@SaralinaTV (Twitter)
1) You don’t turn down a guaro because its “bad manners” 2) When a puente isn’t a bridge but an excuse to party!


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4 thoughts on “#YouKnowYoureColombianWhen…

  1. Claudia on

    When the sight of a Chocoramo makes your heart race with happiness!

  2. location voiture agadir on

    many of friends visited Colombia, and i hop this next summer will be my chance

  3. Anthony Noun on

    when you start blaming the weather for making you late…it always rains!

  4. @annieburbano on

    1) everybody is really tiny :p 2)when you can spend 10000 in one coffee


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