Salsa Cali

  Colombia, as I think we’ve mentioned, is a captivating country to travel in, and the people’s warmth and zest for life is part of the magic. However, prospective travellers be warned: Colombians love to dance…so much so that, deep breath, they’ll expect you to dance as well! And by dance, I don’t just mean […]

Do you like Gilesy’s writing? If so, please take one minute to leave a comment of at least ten words here to help him win the award for best ex-pat blogger. Thanks! If I were to be glibly simplistic, as is my wont, I could say that Colombia is music; and it could be nearly as […]

Now, I rarely impress anyone. My mum won’t even really watch me when I do something really cool like balance on one leg or wave my arms around a bit. I thought I’d just put that out there just in case you think I’m trying to give myself airs with the title of the piece. […]

Paul Fowler bids farewell to his beloved adopted home, Colombia

La versión de este post en castellano aquí : Even as the rain dragged on in Bogota, leaving Colombia wasn’t easy. I found out I’d been offered a job in Berlin via a Skype call. I tapped my pen on the desk. I slowly lowered my gaze down to my interview notes. I let out a […]