Nov 20

8 Latin Grammys for Colombia



Last night’s Latin Grammys certainly belonged to Colombia: Colombian artists performed at the ceremony – Bomba Estereo (with Will Smith!), ChocQuibTown, and J. Balvin – and some of these same Colombian artists all took home awards. In fact, Colombia walked away with a total of 8(!) awards at the 2015 Latin Grammys, making them the clear country winner on the night…So here is the music of Colombia’s 2015 Latin Grammy winners: making their country proud! Here’s the full list of Colombian winners and some of their music so you can hear the victors for yourself (and we stuck in Bomba Estereo too, ’cause it’s mad that they’ve never won one!)…


Monsieur Periné – WINNER – Best New Artist

J Balvin – WINNER – Best Urban Song for ‘Ay Vamos’

Diamante Eléctrico – WINNER – Best Rock Album for ‘B’

ChocQuibTown – WINNER – Best Tropical Fusion Album for ‘El Mismo’

Juanes – WINNER – Best Long Form Music Video for ‘Loco de Amor “La Historia”‘

Alex Campos – WINNER – Best Christian Album (Spanish Language) for ‘Derroche de Amor’

Marta Gómez – WINNER – Best Recording Package for ‘Este Instante’

Jorge Celedón & Gustavo García – WINNER – Best Cumbia/Vallenato Album for ‘Sencillamente

And here’s one by Bomba Estereo…


So congratulations to all Colombian Latin Grammy winners in 2015. Colombia is proud of you!




2 thoughts on “8 Latin Grammys for Colombia

  1. Walter on

    Wow…the Latin Grammy’s merely continue the “popularity contest” that is the “Gringo” Grammy’s…Juanes?…Really? First, he has – at best – a very mediocre voice, and his band, while talented, never express any quality instrumentality. Same ol’ same ol’ middle-of-the-road, boredom. And ChocQuib Town? What happened to that raw, rhythmic sound they first rocked us with? What is this teenie-bopper, MTV stuff they “win” with? And Jorge Celadon? Again? How many more supremely talented Vallenato bands must be out there? Nah, I can’t even go on…this isn’t about quality or talent…it’s just about popularity and what sells. Annoying, really, given all the talented musicians in Colombia. And Bomba Estereo don’t need Slick Willy to improve their sound…and he doesn’t. Another musical disappointment. But I guess they’ll all make more money now, right?… and I suppose that’s what the Grammy’s are really about…not quality music. Not one of those tunes made me even what to finish listening. Sad.


      Chris on

      Hi Walter,

      Thanks for your comment. Sorry you didn’t enjoy the music, it’s not all to my taste either, and I agree that Colombian music has so much more to offer; but the Grammys (and most major awards ceremonies) have always represented the mainstream anyway, there’s no real surprises here (although nice to see Monsieur Perine win something as a relatively small, independent band). It’s really just nice to see Colombia so represented in such a popular global context; even if the music isn’t always the best of the (as you pointed out) remarkably varied and excellent music coming from Colombia, it’s at least positive to see Colombia in the global news for music, rather than other things, and for bands like ChocQuibTown, who proudly represent an overlooked, deprived part of Colombia, to achieve some mainstream recognition, even if it’s for a more mainstream track (hopefully some people who would have been otherwise unaware will delve into their back catalogue).

      As I said, thanks for your comment, and for reading (and check out some of our ‘Colombian Music Fridays’ posts for some more alternative Colombian music selections),



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