Aug 01

Colombian Music Friday: Sidestepper

Sidestepper Colombia


It’s August and it’s Friday: the first day of the month and the last of the working week! The Perfect Storm of wonderfulness! It doesn’t get much better than that: August is an amazing month to travel in Colombia, so we’ve got that to celebrate; and Friday is generally acknowledged as a pretty good celebration day. So, to sum up, we’re all pretty happy here at See Colombia Travel towers, so we thought we’d bring you some fun music to brighten your day too! Introducing…Sidestepper.

Sidestepper were born in 1996, as a collaborative project between English DJ Richard Blair and Colombian singer-songwriter Ivan Benavides. They are seen by many as the originators of ‘electro-cumbia’, and their former members have included members of Bomba Estereo and ChocQuibTown, and Humberto Pernett.

Their music takes influence from popular Colombian folkloric genres such as salsa, cumbia and bullerengue, as well as electronic music like dub and drum ‘n’ bass. We’re going to spoil you with TWO videos from the group. The first is for their song ‘Deja’:



Enjoy it?! Good, here’s another.



Hopefully those songs have brightened up your Friday and got you ready for a fun weekend, and an amazing August. If you like Sidestepper, the good news is that August is going to get even better: the band will play Bogota’s Rock al Parque which takes places over three days from August 16-18. See you there down the front!



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