Aug 29

Colombian Music Friday: Chongo de Colombia

Chongo de Colombia


It’s Friday again! So, once again, it’s time to dance, party and generally celebrate the weekend! Last weekend was a particularly great one because it saw a fantastic live performance at La Negra in Bogota by Chongo de Colombia and his wonderfully talented gang of musicians (including one of the best trumpet players this writer has ever seen…what can I say, I’m a sucker for a horn section).

Led by the eponymous Chongo on vocals and bongos, the group comprises at least 10 members and play an exotic blend of traditional Colombian music and older African styles. Their live performance was one of the most exciting and propulsive I have ever seen; they even had me, an Englishman, dancing all night like no-one was looking!

So here’s some music from Chongo to get your weekend started with a bang (on a bongo):




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