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Colombia Music Friday: Pernett

Humberto Pernett


Once again: it’s Friday! The weekend is upon, and even though Bogota’s weather is decidedly gloomy at the moment, we still think you all deserve some cheering up in anticipation of a fun Colombian weekend. So here’s some music from the wonderful Humberto Pernett to get you in the mood:

Choosing this Friday’s music wasn’t that tricky to be honest: Pernett is due to play in Bogota at La Villa this Saturday. Tickets are still available so get a group together, slip on your most garish Caribbean-style shirt and head on down to experience Pernett live for yourselves.


Pernett en La Villa
Pernett en La Villa


What an afro that is, right!? The Barranquilla-born Humberto Pernett, combines Caribbean rhythms and Colombian traditional music with electronic sounds, in a similar fashion to Systema Solar and Bomba Estereo, and has worked with many of the leading lights of Colombia’s tropical music scene. He is a former member of Sidestepper, the legendary group who have counted future members of many of Colombia’s top bands among their former members. He also reminds me a little bit of a Colombian Marouane Fellaini…anyone? Maybe it’s just me…


Marouane Fellaini
There’s definitely a slight similarity…


Anyway, I digress…Pernett’s show at La Villa this Saturday promises to be a great show and a fun night out. A little slice of the Caribbean in the gloom of Bogota if you will….

Event Info here.


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