Last night’s Latin Grammys certainly belonged to Colombia: Colombian artists performed at the ceremony – Bomba Estereo (with Will Smith!), ChocQuibTown, and J. Balvin – and some of these same Colombian artists all took home awards. In fact, Colombia walked away with a total of 8(!) awards at the 2015 Latin Grammys, making them the […]

seleccion colombia ras tas tas

A year can be defined by a lot of things…jobs, travels, people, homes; but of course music is one of those things that always brings you back to a moment in time. In Colombia, there is no shortage of talent, flavor, creativity and passion when it comes to music. Since moving here at the beginning […]

  Colombia is not just a country of pristine beaches, whitewashed Andean towns, deep jungles and soaring mountains…I mean, it is all of those things, but there is so much more to the country than just it’s natural spectacles. Probably my favorite element of living in Colombia is the music that seems to ooze (finally, […]

Jazz al Parque 2014

  We’ve had Rock al Parque and Salsa al Parque, and this week sees the return of Jazz al Parque to Bogota. This year the festival takes place between Wednesday 10 – Sunday 14 of September in a variety of locations, including Universidad de los Andes and the Cuban Jazz Cafe. The main festival lineup […]

Chongo de Colombia

  It’s Friday again! So, once again, it’s time to dance, party and generally celebrate the weekend! Last weekend was a particularly great one because it saw a fantastic live performance at La Negra in Bogota by Chongo de Colombia and his wonderfully talented gang of musicians (including one of the best trumpet players this […]

Sidestepper Colombia

  It’s August and it’s Friday: the first day of the month and the last of the working week! The Perfect Storm of wonderfulness! It doesn’t get much better than that: August is an amazing month to travel in Colombia, so we’ve got that to celebrate; and Friday is generally acknowledged as a pretty good […]

Humberto Pernett

  Once again: it’s Friday! The weekend is upon, and even though Bogota’s weather is decidedly gloomy at the moment, we still think you all deserve some cheering up in anticipation of a fun Colombian weekend. So here’s some music from the wonderful Humberto Pernett to get you in the mood: Choosing this Friday’s music […]

Rock al Parque Lineup 2014 Featured

  This week the lineup for one onf Colombia’s biggest music festivals was announced; Rock al Parque takes place every year in Parque Simon Bolivar, along with Jazz al Parque, Hip-Hop al Parque and Salsa al Parque. Although, as I’ve said on this blog before, until I see an ‘Experimental New-Wave al Parque’ I can’t […]