Colombian Christmas Lights

  Read the English version of this post here: “Christmas in Colombia vs. Christmas in the USA” Después de haber celebrado 24 temporadas de Navidad en casa con mi familia en los Estados Unidos, estoy bastante acostumbrada a las tradiciones, canciones y festividades. Este año todo es nuevo ya que paso las vacaciones en mi […]

Arnoldo Iguarán

Just who exactly is Arnoldo Iguarán? The pretty-darn-famous Radamel Falcao netted 3 times in Colombia’s recent international friendly matches with Bahrain and Kuwait to bring his scoring record for the Colombian national side to 24 goals in 56 games, equaling Colombia’s all-time goalscoring record…set by…you guessed it… Arnoldo Iguarán…(controversy alert: lots of sources say he […]

Brujitas San Cipriano

  I have travelled on some unusual modes of transportation over my many years of travel: tuk-tuks through Bangkok, sea-planes over Vancouver Island, a hot-air balloon over the Masai Mara. Even in Colombia you can often find yourself crammed into the back of a 6-seater bus with 14 other people or, as happened to me […]

Las Lajas Church Colombia

  Let’s get this out of the way now; yes, Colombia has a lot of churches…it’s a Catholic country, so there’s no shortage. And yes, some might say that other Colombian churches are more iconic that Las Lajas Sanctuary in Narino department: the churches of Mompos or Popayan, Bogota’s cathedral, Cartagena’s famous cupolas. However, if […]

Camino Real Bolivar Colombia

  Yesterday marked the anniversary of the death of Simon Bolivar on December 17th, 1830. Although the man commonly known as ‘The Liberator’ was born in Venezuela (Caracas in 1783), many of Bolivar’s greatest triumphs and disasters took place in what is now Colombia, during and after the Wars of Independence which have made him […]

Colombian National Symbols

  Colombia is undoubtedly an amazing country to visit and travel through; most people who come here fall head over heels for the place and can’t wait to get back! However, as much as we love to show you the beauty, magic and diversity of our adopted homeland, it’s also important to learn about the […]

el silbon colombia

You can also read about Colombia’s Top 5 Scariest Mythological Characters right here… 1) El Silbón “The Whistler” is a truly disturbing legend from the llanos, the eastern plains bordering Venezuela. The story goes that a wicked young man killed his father in an angry rage when he didn’t bring home the deer heart he […]

  Colombia is not just a country of pristine beaches, whitewashed Andean towns, deep jungles and soaring mountains…I mean, it is all of those things, but there is so much more to the country than just it’s natural spectacles. Probably my favorite element of living in Colombia is the music that seems to ooze (finally, […]