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Help Us to Find Nicole’s Real Colombian Parents – A Child Kidnapped and Adopted in 1975

Hey everyone,

We’ve already told the story of Nicole this post: The Story of Nicole’s Search for her Colombian Family. Raised in the States after being kidnapped and adopted in Colombia, she is now searching for her biological family. Today we’ve got news for you. Before anything we ask you once again to share this photo as much as you can so that we increase the chances of it falling into someone’s hands that can help us get on the right track…

And this photo was taken after a hair cut...

This is the small amount that Nicole remembers:

  •  She lived near Bogota with her parents and her brother in a food stall, near a park with some shops and a market.

  • Her mother had black hair and her dad had a cleft chin.

  • She was kidnapped after a fight with her brother, who was of a similar age to her. Her brother would definitely remember this detail very well. 

  • The kidnapping was around 1975, when she was roughly 4-5 years old.

Nicole arrived to Colombia 2 days ago and has already visited the center that she was adopted from. She’s also following some tips that we were sent, where we were told of a similar family story. Today and tomorrow we will be with her to see if these tips we’ve received can take us all the way to a happy ending.

Most important of all, however, is that now you (please!) help us to share the photo and help Nicole find her family. Let’s show her what team Colombia are capable of!

Very recently Nicole found out her real name is Gloria Giovana, but she’s unable to find out her surnames.

She’s recorded a video about her experience, which you can watch here:

We ask you again to share the photo and share this post as much as you can. You can contact us with information or for more information at

Un Abrazo!


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4 thoughts on “Help Us to Find Nicole’s Real Colombian Parents – A Child Kidnapped and Adopted in 1975

  1. Nicole on

    On behalf of all the adoptees and birth families, how can I thank you enough for helping us learn our Colombian roots and showing us the passion of the Colombian people!! Because of your blog many families will be inspired to visit Colombia and reconnect with family members they thought they lost. May God bless your generosity and love.


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