May 11

Colombian Cuisine: Paul & Chris eat ants…among other things

Ants & Refajo
Ants & Refajo

Thank God it’s Friday! And to celebrate (and really slow us down before we play football this afternoon), Paul and I have decided to introduce to you some of the weird and wonderful ‘delicacies’ which Colombians keep telling us we must try. However, we’re honest guys, so instead of just writing a casual introduction to all of these wondrous taste sensations we’re actually going out into Bogota to find them and taste them for ourselves.

So, here are our thoughts on some of Colombia’s more acquired tastes…

'Get it down, son!'
‘Get it down, son!’

Refajo: 50/50 mix between Aguila beer and Colombiana soda…

What the Colombians say: German: “Refajo without the Colombiana just isn’t refajo [Editor: Makes sense…]. Refajo is the best drink to accompany a good Sunday barbeque.”

Paul: This a bit like a shandy…

Chris: But not really….

Paul: I can imagine enjoying this on a paseo to somewhere hot.

Chris: Or in a British beer garden…I could see it catching on. I’d have to agree with German about the BBQ thing…

Chris' turn
Chris’ turn

Paul: It’s actually pretty good…I’m enjoying it.

Chris: It’s a bit like Irn Bru, but alcoholic….Scottish market perhaps?

Paul: Still, I’ll be having this again.


Hot Chocolate and Cheese: A mug of steaming hot chocolate with a big lump of white cheese in it…


What the Colombians say: Lucia:“It’s great to get rid of the cold. It’s the perfect combination for either breakfast or at night. And there’s nothing better if you visit Bogota than to enjoy it in the Pasteleria La Florida, which has the best Santafereño chocolate in the city.”

Chris: You know, I really like this. I honestly didn’t think I would, but it works…

Paul: What, no way?! These are two things that should never be mixed!


Chris: I agree in theory, but it actually tastes good.

Paul: I’m not convinced…The cheese melts into a gooey mess, and now my formerly delicious hot chocolate has bits in it.

Chris: Best of both worlds mate!





De Todito: Like a greatest hits collection but with crisps. One bag, 4 kinds of crisp!

Perfect bar snack...
Perfect bar snack…

What the Colombians say: Leidy:“The best flavours of Colombia in one packet. Delicious!”

Paul: Awesome. Really, really awesome. Now this is what I’m talking about. The only way this could be better is if it has Chipsticks in it…

Chris: Or Space Invaders, but the Bacon Fries are a nice addition.

Paul: For those reading this blog travelling to Colombia, I can’t recommend this snack highly enough. In fact, I’m thinking about becoming rich back home by exporting it.

Lovin' it
Lovin’ it

Chris: I’m in [in a Duncan Bannatyne voice]. But do you think the British public could handle such a profusion of deliciousness?


Paul: In one word: Yes, definitely!

Chris: This is so much better than a standard multipack…all in one is definitely the way forward!

Paul: Frazzles are back in my life…

Ice Cream and Cheese – Yes you heard correctly!

What the Colombians say: Jhon: “Que rico! I’m not sure if foreigners will like it, but it’s my favourite.”

Before the anger started...
Before the anger started…

Chris: I could handle the hot chocolate, but this is just too much!

Paul: It’s an abomination!

Chris: Are we going to offend people with this post?

Paul: They’ve already offended me with their bizarre flavour combinations.

Chris & Paul: [Laughing]

Not happy...
Not happy…

Chris: Say no more.  

Paul: No wait. It’s interesting and I guess you could get used to it, but really this isn’t my cup of tea…I’m just gonna scrape the cheese off and eat the ice cream.



Hormigas Culonas: Literally ‘Big Bottomed Ants’. Served whole and fried. It’s getting intense!

What the Colombians say: Valentina: “If you’re going to call yourself a traveller then you have to try these. They are a delicacy in Santander.”

There's no way I'm eating all of these...
There’s no way I’m eating all of these…

Paul: I’m dubious Chris, I’m really dubious.

Chris: Me too Paul, me too.

Paul: Do you want to go first?

Really unsure...
Really unsure…

Chris: Not really. Same time?

Silence. Intense stares. Finally, on the count of 3 both of us reluctantly crunch down an ant.

Paul: Hmmm…not…bad…

Chris: I can’t really decide what they taste of…but it’s not actually unpleasant…a bit like bacon

Paul: If I focus on the flavour they’re quite enjoyable, but I can’t get the image of Flik from ‘A Bug’s Life’ out of my head…plus I’ve got bits of ant stuck in my teeth…

Chris: Pint?

Paul: Or…refajo?

It's just like the pub...sort of
It’s just like the pub…sort of

And so our story ends, like so many have back home: in a pub (except it’s a tienda), with a pint (but not really), and some salty bar snacks (but they’re ants). It’s happened…we’ve gone native.

Chris & Paul

12 thoughts on “Colombian Cuisine: Paul & Chris eat ants…among other things

  1. denes on

    Address pls. Where can I buy these foods in Bogota?


      Paul on

      You can buy these foods almost anywhere in Bogota. We found our selection of stuff in and around Chapinero, particularly on the 13 with 66.

  2. Isabel on

    Ice cream with banana and cheese is the best ever.


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